DBN, Thursdays at the Game Preserve.

Dealing with an Unwelcome Guest

Abberants can be a pain.

The group was left with a nasty feeling after their encounter with the DBN and the various undead that seem to have a connection with a rolling semi-sentient fog that had been floating about town for over a week. All of which seemed to have been linked to something that the DBN dropped into Greenmire’s town square, beginning the plague and the fog-born undead.

The heroes used skill and resourcefulness to make their way, from several different directions, to the town square, successfully avoiding too many encounters or getting the attention of more undead groups along the way. The party arrived at the square from three different directions, but were all greeted to the same sight, a fog shrouded podium from which a grating voice proclaimed the town of Greenmire a “wonderful gift from the master, so full of toys to play with. They fall down, but keep getting back up! Do you want to play, too?” and the battle for Greenmire was entered in earnest.

The fog began to spread out through the square, blocking sight and reviving the zombie minions that populated it, guarding the path to the being on the stage, still blocked from sight by the mists of the fog. Dorn was the first to manage to skirt the fog and get a look at the towns unwanted guest, a Beholder! The zombie minions harrassed the group as they tried to get at the podium, and Bombur was the first to succumb to the beholders powers, falling asleep early on and dreaming peacefully for the next 30 seconds (5 rounds) or so. The rest of the group was doing it’s best to hold off the continuously standing zombie hoards, and Lihi finally wrested control of the fog away from the Beholder, ending the stream of zombies, but soon falling to the beholder’s fire blasts.

After a few more salvos from the beholder, the party was in dire straights, and Elzena came up with a desperate plan to get Bombur back in the fight. She rushed over and gave him a rousing kick, finally getting through the beholders influence and waking him up. He sped to the rescue of’s rescue, saving her from a fate of ash, and finally setting the balance of the fight back into the hands of the Heroes.

They finally put down the aberrant beast, and banished the fog back to whence it came, which happened to be a small black orb contained within the very eye of the Beholder! Dorn managed to find it by turning the beholder’s corpse in to sushi bits, and Lihi ended up carrying it, stowed safely away, avoiding coming to blows with Elzena only by informing her that it was simply to keep it safe until they could destroy it.

Lihi used her daily visit from her spiritual adviser to find out which direction the Dragon and BDN had gone, and to find a place where they could be rid of the Orb, which was found to be beyond their ability to physically destroy. The Dragon and DBN had apparently continued along a westerly path, and were still off in that direction. The question “where can we destroy the orb?” (paraphrased) resulted in a direction of North-west, which resulted in another check by Elzena to find out that the city of Parthe was the nearest city in that direction.

The group decides to take a long rest to heal up from the ordeal of the Beholder before leaving on another cross-country journey.



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