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Crossing Country 2

Traveling Encounters.

As the party set out on the next days journey, they were forced to make a group effort to stay on the course that the Divine guidance gave them, and with the whole party making efforts to keep the path straight, prevailed.
Just after midday on the third day out, a flock of birds approached form the West, flying high overhead, but dropping… something form the flock as it flew. The party hunkered down, ready to be bombarded by whatever the flock was dropping, only to find that the flock was dropping itself. Birds were dropping dead, right out of the sky as it flew along.
Garrack used his healing knowledge and recent history to recognize the effects of the plague from Greenmire. The birds, flying in form the west, were dropping dead of the same disease that had killed off nearly every living thing in Greenmire just a week before.
The orb had changed it’s magical emanations as the flock flew closer, and Lihi wanted to get some time to examine it closer, but it would take some concentration, and quiet, neither of which were readily available as they traveled on foot.
Luckily they were able to make Parthe before nightfall, though only just. They had to do a little fast talking to get in the door, as the gate had just closed even as they had approached.
The inn was just inside the gate, set aside for travelers using the town’s “attraction” for experimental purposes. Most of the rest of the town was military and garrison, as there was little else of interest in or around the town, but it could not be left unguarded.
The Heroes made themselves comfortable, buying drink and food, gambling and generally enjoying an evening’s entertainments. Except for Lihi, Ansis, and Roland that is. They were up in one of the parties two rooms, trying to glean more information from the Orb. They learned a good deal about the Orb, and activated a link it had to the Shadowfell, drawing in a few wraiths and Rot Grub swarms in the process.
The battle raged inside the little inn, through the halls and through the walls, the party finally finishing off the undead spirits, and clearing the halls of the swarms, but doing considerable damage to the inn in the process. Room furnishings were scorched, and one wall was completely demolished.
I’m sure there will need to be reparations made…



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