DBN, Thursdays at the Game Preserve.

Crossing Country

Traveling Encounters.

The party puts together their final preperations, packs up what they feel they need, and head out into the open empty plains. With the help of the Divine hand of Lihi they mange to keep to a fairly straight line as they trudge across the flat and fairly featureless plains of the Great Expanse. As they near a rock outcropping, they notice a cloud, as if from a large traveling group, moving in from the south. They prepare for a fight, but instead are appraoched by a party of Kobolds, remnants of Icewing’s clan of kobold minions. They are interested in the whereabouts and condition of the foul Necromancer that cowardly slew their Lord Icewing. The party uses it’s divine guidance for the day to renew their knowledge of the location of both the DBN, and the Dragon, as well as realign their journey northwest. During the conversation, Elzenamanages to get the Warband leader to lend the Heroes a small group of Minions (for a small sum of gold), and conversation is cut short as a Cilops Stalker, apparently having followed the party across the open plains, catches up with them. Once the kobolds flee and the party turns it’s attention to the threat, a new enemy phases up through the ground behind the party and quickly singles out Lihi, pushing the rest of the party away and drawing the Deva near, intent on a filling meal. The group quickly recovered and dispatched both enemies, fighting their way through many slowing, restraining, and poisoning effects along the way.
The Heroes briefly rested, and were able to continue on their way, uneventfully, for the remainder of the day.



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