We are running a campaign of my own, set in the main world of D&D, but in an area of my own creation, near enough to the Nentir Vale to know of it, and the goings-on there, but far enough away not to be wrapped up in it’s affairs (like pre-written modules and the like).

We currently meet at The Game Preserve, in Lafayette, Indiana, every Thursday at 6 pm.
There is already a full roster of players, though an occasional missing player or additional body is not a problem.

The campaign is currently centered around a group of heroes who have been sent from various factions throughout the lands in response to the release of a Black Dragon of formidable power and nasty disposition. It had been exiled hundreds of years ago, for a supposed thousand year trip into solitary, but it has been paroled early by a Necromancer that dabbled in things he should not have.

House Rules for this Campaign:

  • “Rodrigo’s House Rules for Skills Challenges” is in effect.
  • Any skills can be used in any Challenge, as long as the player can make it relevant (DM’s veto)
  • No player may use the same skill two turns in a row, nor may any two players use the same skill in succession in the came turn.
  • Sun Rods cast bright light out to 10 squares, and Dim light 5 more past that. They are noticible in open spaces over a mile away, and in enclosed spaces at double the light radius.

DBN, Thursdays at the Game Preserve.